My photography story started in 2009 when my guitar teacher (who was a pro photographer) invited me to come and help with a series of senior shoots.
Afterwards, I purchased my first camera and began exploring everything photography related. In my search for higher knowledge in photography, I started to look for photographers that I could follow. Spent quite a bit of time shadowing and second shooting.

hi friends, i'm andrew.

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something about the perspective really fascinates me!

huge hobby: drones

yeah, i can be a little weird sometimes :P

i pretend to model.

I especially love making Chemex and Aeropress.

big fan of coffee.

big fan
of coffee

I believe in strong relationships and loving passionately. When you look back at your wedding through your photographs, I want you to be reminded of your love for each other.
When it comes to shooting your wedding, I take my job seriously and am committed to providing you with pictures that you will not just like, but love. I also aim to give couples the opportunity to walk away with more than just great photos.

Every bride is different and has unique needs for her wedding. My focus is to know exactly what you're looking for in wedding photography and making that happen.

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"Andrew is a great photographer with wonderful talent! He was so fun to be around and has given us the best customer service from the first phone call. We booked him well in advance and he always kept in touch and checked in on us as a friend would. He did an amazing job on my bridals and from the proofs we've seen of our wedding, we know those will be exactly what we've been hoping for.”

- Brittany and Garrett

"What can I say about Andrew, we loved him.! He photographed our long Catholic wedding and our long Mexican/German reception. He and his assistant was very professional and respectful despite the long hours. He was very good with the small children and the elderly. The pictures are amazing! At one point during the reception he ask us to come to the roof top for a surprise sunset picture. It is amazing. I will us Andrew for future family photos and we'll recommend him to everyone!"

- Kathy and Michael

"Andrew was tons of fun to work with... His personality was perfect and he made our photoshoot really enjoyable! Not only that, his work is excellent and absolutely worth your time. Book him!"

- Max and Brianne

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